Our Baby Bean Has Arrived!



Our baby bean has arrived.  Miles was born on January 5th at 4:42pm.  He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and 22 inches long.  We had a pretty smooth labor and delivery.  My OB cleared me of my Gestational Diabetes right after his birth.  Miles, on the other hand needed to be monitored for his first 24 hours due to low blood sugar.  By the second day his levels regulated and we were discharged .  Once we were home we ran into a few issues; Miles experienced weight loss due to my low milk supply.  He also had a shallow latch which was extremely painful.  After what felt like an eternity of sticking it out and my stubbornness to not give up we made it and he is now nursing beautifully (and pain-free). phew!

As most of you know, after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes I had to change my diet significantly.  I was no longer vegan or dairy-free.  As hard as that transition was I promised myself (if it felt right) I would go back to eating a plant-based diet once I was truly free of GD.  I received the official clear from my endocrinologist just around Miles’ 2 month birthday–just a few weeks ago.  I am thrilled to say I am back to eating my plant-based diet and am feeling great.  I can honestly say, even though I couldn’t control my insulin levels with food while pregnant and had to give myself 4 insulin shots and prick my finger 6 times a day it was worth it.  This little man was a gift and I am so thankful.

I have been feeling really grateful these past couple months.  There is a great sense of bliss in my life.  A lot more than usual.  I look at my family and just smile.  These three boys in my life complete me, and I am so excited to see what the universe has in store them.  I look forward to cherishing every milestone they experience and just letting them be little.  Being present and soaking up all those sweet moments is what being a parent is all about.

I am very anxious to share more recipes with you all and have a few new ones coming your way.

Until then.



Due with Number Two – Update


I love being pregnant.  When we found out we were expecting our second child I was so excited to enjoy this incredible experience again.  Being pregnant with Max was wonderful (aside from the many months of morning sickness).  I remember feeling so comfortable in my body, so grateful and incredibly happy all the time.  I was in complete awe of my body and that little being who was growing in my belly.  However, being a first time mom I worried a lot and was very anxious to meet our little man.  Being pregnant for the second time and slightly more knowledgeable, I was looking forward to soaking up every amazing moment and truly being present.

This pregnancy started out similar to my first: intense morning sickness.  By the time the nausea was finally slowing down (17 weeks), I began to have Pelvic Girdle Pain (pelvic pain that typically occurs the last month of pregnancy).  The pain reminded me of riding a bike for too long.  My body was/is basically producing a lot of Relaxin which is the hormone that helps soften the ligaments in the hips to open and expand for birth.  Because I experienced this so early in my pregnancy my doctors said that as the baby grows, the pain will just get worse (they weren’t kidding. Eek!).

At 26 weeks I had my glucose test.  I did not pass.  The next test was the 3 hour glucose test, which I also did not pass.  As a result, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD).  As most of you already know, I eat pretty clean and healthy.  My only vices are dark chocolate with homemade peanut butterhomemade vegan chocolate ice-cream or tortilla chips with salsa.  So how in the world could I have been diagnosed with GD during this pregnancy?  Well the short story and what I have come to learn is that it can happen to anyone.

I spent the next 3 weeks trying to control my levels (which were only slightly high) with food and had no success.  My fasting levels continued to be high and my levels throughout the day began to creep up.  So I began eating what the Diabetes Educator had suggested which consisted of processed carbohydrates, dairy and animal protein.  These foods made me feel tired, sluggish and gave me zero energy.  My greatest  frustration was that this new way of eating was the complete opposite of how I eat or even felt comfortable eating and yet, nothing worked.  It became apparent that I would need insulin.  A hard pill to swallow.  I had to continue eating the way that was suggested as well as start insulin injections.  Although this new, yet temporary, way of life was so inconvenient and a complete pain, I knew I would do anything for this baby to be healthy and have a safe delivery.

I had a few friends ask me, “How could this have happened?  You eat so healthy.”  Well it turns out, for some women, no matter how healthy they eat GD can present itself.  The only thing to blame or hold responsible for this is the placenta.  Some women’s placentas just do an over efficient job of producing insulin, which makes the mom insulin resistant (difficult for the mom to use her insulin). On the positive side, once a women births her placenta the GD leaves with it.  The risks of developing Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) post pregnancy is greater but as long as you lose the baby weight in a healthy manner and stay healthy that statistic greatly decreases. I cannot wait to start running again!

Most recently, I have developed some pretty bad sciatic pain which is making walking very difficult.  So I sit a lot.  Thank goodness I have a very patient toddler and husband.  Standing in heels for the photo above was painful but anyone who is into photography knows it is all worth it for that perfect shot. Hah!

Regardless of these challenges, I feel so blessed to carry another baby.  It truly is a gift no matter how hard it is on my body.  As I look forward to welcoming this little man into our world.  I am also extremely excited to going back to what I love.  Running around with my boys, cooking the way I want, eating what I like, blogging and just living my life the way I am most passionate.

Stay tuned for some new recipes in the New Year.


Due with Number Two

Due with Number 2

Holy Moly We’re Pregnant!!!

I guess doctors aren’t always right.

There is a lot to be said about knowing your own body.  There have been many times I have put my complete trust in a doctor and most times it was in my best interest.  However, when it came to our infertility I just didn’t believe the specialist when he told us, “you won’t get pregnant on your own.  Your only option is IVF.”  In my heart I truly felt if we were meant to have another child and it WOULD happen naturally.  Though it did take my mind months to catch up with my heart.

It wasn’t easy.  I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster.  I became a little depressed, I gained weight and just felt pissed.  I had been going to acupuncture for 5 months and decided it was time to stop my sessions.  I needed to let go.  Truly and completely let go of all this baby making business.  So I surrendered.

About  later, I got a positive pregnancy test. The test didn’t even need the two minutes for it to say I was Pregnant.  I sat there thinking, “what? What? WHAT???”  Then I jumped up and literally pulled my sleeping husband out of bed and into the bathroom. “What?!?!” I said to him.  We both laughed.  He said, “take another test!”  After the second test said the same thing we both sat on our bed laughing, crying and hugging.  We are still a bit shocked this happened naturally.

Today, I am 13 weeks pregnant.  The morning sickness is still hanging around.  I am hopeful it will let up soon.  Above all, I (we) are so happy!  The baby is growing and looking very healthy and we feel so blessed!

What’s on the Menu?

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what I am eating!  Am I still vegan? Have I transitioned to vegetarian? Am I eating meat?  Well here’s the truth: when I began having infertility issues I was very reluctant to look at my diet as a way to improve infertility issues.  I was stubborn and although I heard the many suggestion from my midwife and herbalist friends to simply eat eggs, I refused.  I refused to accuse my diet of being part of the problem.

When I started going to acupuncture I was asked again to try incorporating eggs back into my diet.  “Ugh, fine, I will give it a try,” I thought.  I slowly began incorporating eggs.  I figured if this worked, I could just eliminate them again once the baby is born.  If it didn’t work well then, I’ll give it a year.  The vegan lifestyle has worked very well for me for the past 2 years.  I am so proud of myself for committing to it for that long.  I felt great on the diet, I had high energy and I truly felt guilt free and proud of what I was putting into my body.  Life was good.  It was good until I started having fertility problems.  A second baby was really important to me and although I do not solely credit the eggs, I do feel they helped.

Today, with eggs back in my diet, I feel balanced.  I feel, whatever this baby needs to grow and be healthy, I have an open mind.  I have learned being vegan is not for everyone’s body all the time.  Whether or not I will go back to being a vegan after this baby is born, I simply don’t know.  What I do know is, BALANCE is the most important part of anyones diet. Balance is what I feel right now and I am happy and so grateful.