Meet My Sous Chef

Blowing Kisses

Meet My Sous Chef, Max!  When this little guy was 2 months old (about a year ago) I decided to change my lifestyle and began eating a plant-based diet.  I would have never thought after so many years of struggling with my weight, this amazing boy would be my greatest inspiration.  He is the reason I want to be a better me, a healthier me, and live the longest life this universe will allow.

So, this is Max.  He is mostly a plant-based baby.  I have been making his food since he started eating solids.  Veggies and fruits only.  When it came time to test out dairy and eggs, they did not agree with his tummy or skin.  So they were out. Then when he was old enough to try meats, we offered him chicken, turkey and beef.  He is such a good eater that he tried everything we gave him.  Though he would inevitability spit it out and eat his vegetables instead.  This kid LOVES  his fruits and vegetables!  He will pretty much eat anything that is green.

Sweet Potato Art

Sweet Potato Art

Raw Brussel Sprouts

Raw Brussel Sprouts

Max with Hummus

Homemade Artichoke Hummus straight out of the Vitamix

Green Smoothie

Each morning his breakfast consists of diced fruit, 1 slice of gluten-free, vegan toast with either mashed up banana or cream “cheese” followed by a Green Smoothie.  This kid loves green smoothies so much that if for some reason I am running behind in making it, he will let me know he is ready for his smoothie by pointing and waving at the Vitamix with excitement.  Hah! I have created a green smoothie monster.

So, this is my little man.  I hope you enjoyed meeting him.


Chew Your Drink, Drink Your Food

Chew Your Drink

Chew Your Drink, Drink Your Food.  Wait, what?  What does that even mean?  Well, if you have never heard this before, you should read on.  This past Friday I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Ouch!  Since then I have pretty much been living on a puree diet.  I have been eating, Creamy Butternut Squash Soup, Split Pea Soup, Green Smoothies, Hummus and Almond Ice Cream.  Yum, right?!  Yes, very yummy.  However, as I ate my purees I would find myself reciting this saying in my head.

“Chew Your Drink, Drink Your Food,” is such a funny thing to say nevermind actually do.  With the amount of pain I was in and the sheer terror that I may cause more damage to my mouth by eating, I was very careful when I chewed and drank anything.  As crappy as it is to have this surgery and be in such pain, it was a nice reminder to slow down when eating.

It is so easy to guzzle down a meal when it is pureed in some fashion.  How many of you have chugged a smoothie, milk shake, soup or even yogurt?  I mean, you do not even have to chew it, right?!  Though after doing so, how many of you have found yourself feeling bloated, uncomfortable or have that feeling like you have a rock sitting in your stomach?  Well, if you stop to think how your digestive system actually works you will begin to see why it is so important to Chew Your Drink and Drink Your Food.

Let me explain further…

Chew your drink!

When we drink foods such as smoothies or soups without chewing them, they enter our digestive system way too fast.  Your body is not aware you are drinking actual food so digesting process has not started.   Saliva is the very first act of digestion.  Just the act of chewing starts that process.  The whole point in chewing your drink is to get your saliva going and start digestion.  Try it now.  Without anything in your mouth.  Start chewing.  You will notice you will start salivating.  When we drink something quickly, we do not give our digestive system a chance to get started which can lead to that uncomfortable bloated feeling.  The easiest way we can help our system out is by chewing our drinks and giving our digestive system a heads up that food is on its way.  Trust me.  Your gut will thank you.

Drink your food!

Similar concept here, but when we eat quickly and mindlessly we do not chew our food properly.  We swallow bigger chunks of food causing our digestive system to work much harder than it should. I’m sure you have heard at some point in your life that it is so important to chew your food well or even count your bites.  Well there is a lot benefit to chewing your food this way.  With each bite we take, our food should be chewed so well it turns into a liquid.  This is not only easier on your digestive system but, it also helps you to be more present at your meal and not over eat.

So…Chew Your Drink, Drink Your Food.