Due with Number Two – Update


I love being pregnant.  When we found out we were expecting our second child I was so excited to enjoy this incredible experience again.  Being pregnant with Max was wonderful (aside from the many months of morning sickness).  I remember feeling so comfortable in my body, so grateful and incredibly happy all the time.  I was in complete awe of my body and that little being who was growing in my belly.  However, being a first time mom I worried a lot and was very anxious to meet our little man.  Being pregnant for the second time and slightly more knowledgeable, I was looking forward to soaking up every amazing moment and truly being present.

This pregnancy started out similar to my first: intense morning sickness.  By the time the nausea was finally slowing down (17 weeks), I began to have Pelvic Girdle Pain (pelvic pain that typically occurs the last month of pregnancy).  The pain reminded me of riding a bike for too long.  My body was/is basically producing a lot of Relaxin which is the hormone that helps soften the ligaments in the hips to open and expand for birth.  Because I experienced this so early in my pregnancy my doctors said that as the baby grows, the pain will just get worse (they weren’t kidding. Eek!).

At 26 weeks I had my glucose test.  I did not pass.  The next test was the 3 hour glucose test, which I also did not pass.  As a result, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD).  As most of you already know, I eat pretty clean and healthy.  My only vices are dark chocolate with homemade peanut butterhomemade vegan chocolate ice-cream or tortilla chips with salsa.  So how in the world could I have been diagnosed with GD during this pregnancy?  Well the short story and what I have come to learn is that it can happen to anyone.

I spent the next 3 weeks trying to control my levels (which were only slightly high) with food and had no success.  My fasting levels continued to be high and my levels throughout the day began to creep up.  So I began eating what the Diabetes Educator had suggested which consisted of processed carbohydrates, dairy and animal protein.  These foods made me feel tired, sluggish and gave me zero energy.  My greatest  frustration was that this new way of eating was the complete opposite of how I eat or even felt comfortable eating and yet, nothing worked.  It became apparent that I would need insulin.  A hard pill to swallow.  I had to continue eating the way that was suggested as well as start insulin injections.  Although this new, yet temporary, way of life was so inconvenient and a complete pain, I knew I would do anything for this baby to be healthy and have a safe delivery.

I had a few friends ask me, “How could this have happened?  You eat so healthy.”  Well it turns out, for some women, no matter how healthy they eat GD can present itself.  The only thing to blame or hold responsible for this is the placenta.  Some women’s placentas just do an over efficient job of producing insulin, which makes the mom insulin resistant (difficult for the mom to use her insulin). On the positive side, once a women births her placenta the GD leaves with it.  The risks of developing Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) post pregnancy is greater but as long as you lose the baby weight in a healthy manner and stay healthy that statistic greatly decreases. I cannot wait to start running again!

Most recently, I have developed some pretty bad sciatic pain which is making walking very difficult.  So I sit a lot.  Thank goodness I have a very patient toddler and husband.  Standing in heels for the photo above was painful but anyone who is into photography knows it is all worth it for that perfect shot. Hah!

Regardless of these challenges, I feel so blessed to carry another baby.  It truly is a gift no matter how hard it is on my body.  As I look forward to welcoming this little man into our world.  I am also extremely excited to going back to what I love.  Running around with my boys, cooking the way I want, eating what I like, blogging and just living my life the way I am most passionate.

Stay tuned for some new recipes in the New Year.